como Deus




omo Deus is the Brasilian Jazz performance vehicle of vocalist...,
Michaele de Cygne.

"como Deus" ** [KOH-moo DAY-oojh]

Brigas Nunca Mais ~ Solo

  Insensatez ~ Solo

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n performance, como Deus may be simply only the artist, or her with other musicians.

= "like God" (Portuguese)


Desafinado ~ Solo
* The melody/voice work is called "Catcher Dawn". Originally, it was entirely improv. I learned it, thereafter, but have never performed it. I may include it in The Spirit in the Wave. If you would like to hear me perform it, sandwiched between several very sensual BN pieces, let me know on
 :                          ~ Michaele

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   como Deus live show, "Do Espirito na  
   Bossa" (From Spirit in the Wave) is
   slated for launch in Q1, 2016

{Old demos; indicative of como Deus

Meditacao ~ Solo

Chega de Saudade ~ Solo

** For those who may think the project's name is somewhat pretentious, if not sacreligious "como Deus" is simply part of the meaning of Michaele.
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como Deus Cover: Michaele de Cygne; Image 1: Cynthia Castro; Image 2: Cardilnale Lab; Image 3: Fontonin; Image 4: Unknown;
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Westcountry Photographic Background image: Sgwd yr Eira (The Waterfall of Snow), Wales, U.K. (by Helen White)

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